Financial Planning

Many of you may have heard the phrase “Accountants are the most trusted advisor.” KWC accountants encourage this level of trust by continuing to build strong personal relationships with our clients. The need for financial planning exists at many stages of life and we want to help you determine if your current financial situation is working towards achieving your ultimate objectives.

Such goals are unique to each individual. We work with you to assess your financial strengths, weaknesses, and assess your planning opportunities. Do you have enough savings? Does your debt exceed a safe threshold? Do you have enough college savings for children/grandchildren? Will you have enough net assets / projected income to retire when you wish to retire?

The basic financial planning process will consist of the following:

  • Tax Planning and PreparationConsultation to discuss your current situation, goals, and concerns
  • Request documents not currently on file with us for completion of the financial projection of your net assets over the next 10+ years
  • Preliminary look at projected financial:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Targets
  • Update of plan, based on preliminary look at documents and discussion
  • Prepare overall summary of plan and recommendations:
      • Changes that can positively impact the future projection that can be implemented now
      • Other professionals needed to help achieve additional positive impacts in certain areas, including asset diversification, modification of insurance, legal documents to ensure the desired transfer of assets

We will be available to later help you modify your plan as needed. Trusting a professional to consider all of your assets and speak openly about your future ambitions is a big decision. We are available to guide you through the process so that you may realize your goals.

For more information on Financial Planning Services at KWC contact: Mike Wicks, Jeff Creskoff or Wendy Kurz