Financial & Retirement Planning

Retirement Financial PlanningWhen will you be able to retire?  Can you afford the rising costs of higher education for your children?  How can you reduce estate taxes?  If your secure financial future is a top priority, it makes sense to develop an independent, objective plan of action with your CPA.  KWC is the trusted accounting firm to assist you in evaluating your current financial situation and to set a realistic course to meet short and long-term objectives.  KWC uses a team approach, working closely your other professional business advisors (attorneys and financial).  Our goal is to make recommendations that preserve and increase wealth, minimize taxes, and monitor progress.

Related financial & retirement planning services include:

  • Financial Plan review
  • Set your personal goals and objectives
  • Monitor and adjust your estate plan as needed
  • Minimize estate and other tax liabilities
  • Maximize trust, gifting and planned giving benefits
  • Plan efficient transfer of your assets
  • Investment advisor review
  • Determine insurance needs
  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Charitable Giving