KWC CPAs Partners with LeaseCrunch – Learn How to Account for Leases in 2022

As you are probably aware from recent accounting updates (including our firm updates), lease accounting has changed significantly. Calendar year-end private entities were required to adopt the new lease accounting rules (ASC 842) on January 1, 2022. For many companies, there will be significant work gathering documents and data to properly apply these new accounting rules at year-end.

In this effort, we have partnered with LeaseCrunch ( LeaseCrunch is a user friendly cloud-based software solution that will streamline adoption of the new rules. We were sold on this software when we learned it enables us to directly invite you to participate in the lease accounting process online, thereby helping to maintain independence.

As we are adopting this software firmwide, we are able to pass on our savings as a major vendor directly to you. These fees will be billed annually on a per lease basis. For additional pricing information, see LeaseCrunch pricing and related KWC support services here.

Your assigned engagement team has been trained on this software and we encourage you to attend a free training with LeaseCrunch on November 17, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. This session will cover a background on lease accounting and give you a brief introduction to how the software works. Please RSVP using this link.