KWC Names New Principals

We are pleased to announce the promotions of Emily Crimmins and Samantha Doe to Principal with the firm.

“Both Emily and Samantha bring extensive tax expertise, as well as top-quality commitment to our clients’ success,” said Connie Hammell, Managing Principal of KWC. “These traits make them ideal candidates to help guide the firm as we continue to grow.”

Emily Crimmins is a Principal in KWC’s Business Services Group. She provides consulting, tax planning, and compliance services for closely held businesses and their ownership groups. Emily has experience in many industries including marketing and advertising, government contractors, professional services, and real estate.

Additionally, Emily is a participant in an emerging leaders program consisting of future leaders from regional firms across the Southeast.

Emily is a graduate of James Madison University. Outside of KWC, Emily enjoys traveling with her friends and family, attending concerts, reading novels, and cheering on her favorite sports teams (the Virginia Tech Hokies and the New England Patriots).

Samantha Doe is a Principal in the firm’s Business Services Group. She provides consulting, tax planning, and compliance services for closely held businesses and their ownership groups. Samantha has experience in many industries including professional services, real estate, and specialty trade contractors.

Samantha is a graduate of George Mason University. Outside of KWC, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes to travel to tropical places and lists visiting beautiful beaches as one of her favorite things to do. When she is not traveling, she enjoys exploring local cities in the area.

Donations of Stock to a Private Foundation

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Court Determines that an Activity Was Engaged in for Profit

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Spring Cleaning Your Personal Tax Files

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