What Can You Do to Lower Your 2023 Tax Obligation?

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is already half over. Although summer is a time for vacations and relaxing in the backyard, you can’t afford to take a break from managing your tax bill. Now is a good time to think about proactive moves that could cut your 2023 tax liability. Here are six ideas for individual taxpayers to consider, assuming the current federal tax rules will remain in place through at least 2024. (more…)

KWC Celebrates 40th Year Anniversary

KWC is pleased to celebrate its 40th year anniversary. Starting with a small group of accountants in 1983, the firm has grown to one of the largest in the DC Metro area, as well as expanding to Richmond, Virginia in recent years. (more…)

Midyear Tax Planning for Small Businesses and Owners

Summer isn’t just for barbeques and baseball. It’s also a good time to think about ways to cut your 2023 business tax bill. Here are four planning ideas for small business owners to consider, assuming there won’t be any changes to current federal tax laws at least through 2024. (more…)

The Basics of Gift Taxes

For many people with large estates, planning ahead and gifting to family members can save a bundle in taxes. This ultimately means your heirs may get more and Uncle Sam may get less. But before you start stuffing checks in envelopes and passing them out to your loved ones, you should know the basics of gifting. This article explains the current rules. (more…)

Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Many retirees have seen their Social Security benefits increase in 2023 due to a cost-of-living adjustment that was higher than in past years. Further increases are expected for 2024. While more benefits are welcome, they could mean more income taxes on those benefits for some recipients. (more…)

10 Payroll Issues for Small Businesses

You may not think of your small business’s payroll function as risky. But if you don’t properly handle certain payroll challenges, you may risk IRS scrutiny, operational disruptions and financial losses. What should you watch out for? Here’s a list of 10 payroll issues small organizations must grapple with. (more…)

Financial Statement Fraud: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Financial statements are central to understanding any business. A public company’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement enable investors, lenders, the media and other stakeholders to value the company, forecast short- and long-term performance, and determine potential credit risk, among other purposes. To ensure analysis of a company is accurate and insightful, financial statements must be reliable. (more…)

Top 10 Tax Breaks for Military Service Members

Active-duty service members, veterans and their families deserve our gratitude for their sacrifices for our country. One small “thank you” from the government comes in the form of tax breaks to service members serving here and abroad. Here are 10 breaks for military families to consider. (more…)

Lock in Home Office Deductions

The tax law permits you to deduct home office expenses if you “regularly and exclusively” use an area of your home as either:

-Your principal place of business.

-A place to meet or deal with clients, customers or patients in the normal course of business.

These restrictions mean that no personal activities can be conducted from a deductible home office. If you qualify to take write-offs, you can deduct a proportionate share of expenses including mortgage interest, depreciation deductions, utilities, insurance, security systems and repairs. (more…)

Cutting the Kiddie Tax Down to Size

Despite its name, the “kiddie tax” is anything but child’s play. If you’re not careful, this provision of the tax code can result in children having to pay significant extra tax dollars on their investment income. But your family may be able to downsize the kiddie tax for 2023 by making the right tax moves before year end. (more…)